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Levshina, Natalia. 2015. How to Do Linguistics with R: Data exploration and statistical analysis. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

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Articles in journals (peer-reviewed)

Levshina, Natalia & Liesbeth Degand. 2017. Just because: In search of objective criteria of subjectivity expressed by causal connectives. Dialogue & Discourse 8(1): 132-150. Open access

Levshina, Natalia. 2017. Measuring iconicity: A quantitative study of lexical and analytic causatives in British English. Functions of Language.

Levshina, Natalia. 2017. Subtitles as a Corpus: An n-gram approach. Corpora. revised version (pdf)

Divjak, Dagmar, Natalia Levshina & Jane Klavan. 2016. Cognitive Linguistics: Looking back, looking forward. Cognitive Linguistics 27(4): 447-464. Link

Levshina, Natalia. 2016. When variables align: A Bayesian multinomial mixed-effects model of English permissive constructions. Cognitive Linguistics 27(2): 235-268.

Levshina, Natalia. 2016. Why we need a token-based typology: A case study of analytic and lexical causatives in fifteen European languages. Folia Linguistica 50(2).

Levshina, Natalia. 2016: Verbs of letting in Germanic and Romance languages: A quantitative investigation based on a parallel corpus of film subtitles. Languages in Contrast 16(1): 84-117. draft (pdf)

Levshina, Natalia. 2015. European analytic causatives as a comparative concept. Evidence from a parallel corpus of film subtitles. Folia Linguistica 49(2): 487-520. draft (pdf)

Levshina, Natalia. 2014. Geographic variation of quite + ADJ in twenty national varieties of English: A pilot study. Yearbook of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association 2(1): 109-126.

Levshina, Natalia, Dirk Geeraerts & Dirk Speelman. 2013. Towards a 3D-Grammar: Interaction of linguistic and extralinguistic factors in the use of Dutch causative constructions. Journal of Pragmatics 52: 34-48. draft (pdf)

Levshina, Natalia, Dirk Geeraerts & Dirk Speelman. 2013. Mapping constructional spaces: A contrastive analysis of English and Dutch analytic causatives. Linguistics 51(4): 825-854. draft (pdf)

Levshina, Natalia. 2012. Comparing constructicons: A usage-based analysis of the causative construction with doen in Netherlandic and Belgian Dutch. Constructions and Frames 4(1): 76-101. draft (pdf)

Articles in collective volumes (peer-reviewed)

Levshina, Natalia. 2016. A geometric exemplar-based model of semantic structure: The Dutch causative construction with laten. In Jiyoung Yoon & Stefan Th. Gries (Eds.), Construction Grammar beyond English: Observational and experimental approaches, 241-262. Amsterdam: John Benjaminsdraft (pdf)

Levshina, Natalia. 2015. How Europeans GIVE: A two-layered semantic typology based on parallel corpora. In B. Nolan, G. Rawoens & E. Diedrichsen (Eds.), Causation, Permission, and Transfer: Argument realisation in GET, TAKE, PUT, GIVE and LET verbs, 147–175. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Levshina, Natalia. 2014. Putting meaning on the map: Integration of geographic and semantic variation in multivariate models of language use. In Seržant, I. A. and B. Wiemer (Eds.), Contemporary approaches to dialectology: The area of North, Northwest Russian and Belarusian vernaculars. Slavica Bergensia 13, 37-52. Bergen: University of Bergen. draft (pdf)

Levshina, Natalia, Dirk Geeraerts & Dirk Speelman. 2014: Dutch causative constructions with doen and laten: Quantification of meaning and meaning of quantification. In D. Glynn & J. Robinson (eds.), Corpus Methods for Semantics: Quantitative studies in polysemy and synonymy, 377–414. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Levshina, Natalia & Kris Heylen. 2014. A Radically Data-driven Construction Grammar: Experiments with Dutch causative constructions. In R. Boogaart, T. Colleman & G. Rutten (Eds.), Extending the Scope of Construction Grammar, 17-46. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. draft (pdf)

Gast, Volker & Natalia Levshina. 2014. Motivating w(h)-clefts in English and German: A hypothesis-driven parallel corpus study. In Anna-Maria de Cesare (ed.), Frequency, Forms and Functions of Cleft Constructions in Romance and Germanic. Contrastive, Corpus-Based Studies, 377–414. Berlin: de Gruyter Mouton.

Publications in peer-reviewed conference proceedings

Levshina, Natalia, Dirk Geeraerts and Dirk Speelman. 2011. Changing the world vs. changing the mind: Distinctive collexeme analysis of the causative construction with doen in Belgian and Netherlandic Dutch, 111-123. In F. Gregersen, J. Parrot and P. Quist (eds.), Language variation - European perspectives III. Selected papers from the 5th International Conference on Language Variation in Europe, Copenhagen, June 2009. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. draft (pdf)

Other publications

Levshina, Natalia. 2016. Control, causation and Google counts. Nederlandse Taalkunde 21(2): 253-263. draft (pdf)

Levshina, Natalia. 2015. Semantic maps. In P. Karlík, M. Nekula and J. Pleskalová (eds.) Nový encyklopedický slovník češtiny [New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Czech]. Prague: Nakladatelství Lidové noviny.

Levshina, Natalia, Dirk Geeraerts and Dirk Speelman 2010. Towards a 3D-Grammar: Variation of Dutch causative constructions. In: Pre-print of the papers presented at the 34th International LAUD symposium, March 15-18 2010, Landau/Pfalz, 71-91. Essen: LAUD Linguistic Agency. paper (pdf)


Levshina, Natalia. 2013. Statistical Methods in Language and Linguistic Research. [Review of the book by Pascual Cantos Gomez, 2013] LinguistList. link

Levshina, Natalia. 2011. Quantitative Methods in Cognitive Semantics: Corpus-driven approaches. [Review of the book by Dylan Glynn and Kerstin Fisher (eds.) 2010]. LinguistList. link

Impe, Leen and Natalia Levshina 2009. Contemporary Corpus Linguistics [Review of the book by Paul Baker (ed.) Contemporary Corpus Lingustics] English Text Construction 2:2 (2009), 289-290.

Unpublished manuscripts

Levshina, Natalia. 2011. Doe wat je niet laten kan [Do what you cannot let]: A usage-based analysis of Dutch causative constructions. PhD dissertation, University of Leuven. summary and full text

Levshina, Natalia. 2006. Kosvennyje rečevyje taktiki v predvybornom diskurse [Indirect speech tactics in pre-election discourse]. Candidate's dissertation, St Petersburg State University.

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